Reasons to Quit Smoking

The purpose humans maintain to smoke is due to the Psychological Smoking Mechanism, not a want for nicotine.

In this text, we are able to study some studies on the Berry Frost Mr Freeze Salt Nic effectiveness of nicotine patches and gum.

The Nicotine Model of Smoking

Back in the 1990’s, nicotine were given classified as a notably addictive substance. It changed into blamed for the cause human beings discover it tough to quit smoking. Yet, cigarette smoking does now not healthy the definition of a chemical dependancy.

In the nicotine model, craving nicotine is what maintains someone smoking. It observed that if nicotine might be supplied from a supply other than cigarettes, the smoker would not crave cigarettes. Thus, the man or woman might stop smoking cigarettes by way of replacing the source of nicotine with a nicotine patch or nicotine gum. Then, the brand new source of nicotine can be step by step reduced over the years till the smoker’s “dependancy” to nicotine become removed.

This could be a pleasing, easy answer if nicotine changed into the real using force to smoke cigarettes. However, if there may be some different motive human beings smoke, along with the Psychological Smoking Mechanism, providing nicotine will now not be an powerful substitute. Let’s look at a few research at the effectiveness of nicotine patches and gum.

The Research

Two merchandise that comply with the chemical dependancy model of cigarette smoking are nicotine patches and nicotine gum. They are remarkable merchandise and do just what they say; they deliver a completely enough supply of nicotine. Since the smoker is getting beneficiant quantities of nicotine, which they may be supposedly craving, the patches ought to be distinctly powerful and get rid of the desire for a cigarette. But how effective are they?

Some research shows, (Davidson, M., Epstein, M., Burt, R., Schaefer, C., Whitworth, G. & McDonald, A. (1998)), best 19% of people on nicotine patches had stopped smoking at six weeks and it turned into reduced to nine.2% at six months. Looking at it any other way, at 6 weeks, eighty one% of the humans the use of nicotine patches have been still smoking and at 6 months, about 91% were still smoking. Yes, 10% of these that had stopped had been returned at it once more.

The effects for the gum was about the equal. Even although the gum turned into providing the smoker with plenty of nicotine, at 6 weeks, eighty four% of the human beings were still smoking and at 6 months, 92% were smoking.

The studies confirmed that the 8% – 9% of the individuals who had cease smoking the usage of the nicotine patches and gum were tremendously encouraged to stop smoking! In different phrases, they had been getting rid of their Psychological Smoking Mechanism.

A Real Life Example

A radio host was interviewing me about the Psychological Smoking Mechanism and within the route of the interview he instructed me that he turned into an ex-smoker. He stated he had used nicotine gum to end and it had taken him two years until he was eventually off of cigarettes. TWO YEARS!

Think approximately that for a moment. The nicotine gum was supplying a huge deliver of nicotine just as it’s miles designed to do. Yet, this guy changed into smoking AND chewing the nicotine gum. In different words, the gum, loaded with nicotine turned into not substituting for the cigarette because it theoretical need to have carried out.

Since the man desired to end, he eventually stopped after two years. But it wasn’t the gum, it changed into him changing his Psychological Smoking Mechanism without even knowing consciously what he became doing. Just like the 8% – nine% of the human beings inside the studies have a look at referred to above.

Nicotine is Not the Motivator to Smoke

The amount of nicotine a smoker receives in one cigarette could be very small. Compare the cigarette in your frame mass; it’s tiny and so is the quantity of nicotine it carries.

However, those very effective nicotine dishing out merchandise, nicotine patches and gum are loaded with nicotine. That’s what they’re designed to do; positioned good enough nicotine into the people who smoke device to, theoretically at least, replace the want to smoke a cigarette. However, most smokers have adverse reactions to those merchandise due to the fact they’re getting more nicotine than they ever did smoking. What does all this extra nicotine do?

According to the American Lung Association, aspect outcomes with the nicotine patch are:

Upset belly
Blurred vision
Vivid goals
Mild itching and burning on the pores and skin
Yes, nicotine does have an impact on the people who smoke body. However, with all the things that smoking does to the smoker, it doesn’t produce the effects noted via the American Lung Association. This is every other clue that nicotine is not the motivator to smoke.


If you pass through the nicotine model to cease smoking, you will be disenchanted. The only way to give up smoking is to eliminate the Psychological Smoking Mechanism by the usage of confirmed, mental techniques. When the mechanism is long gone, so is smoking.